Italian stone pine
Pinus pinea

Secondary Names:
umbrella pine

Leaf Type: Evergreen
Texas Native:
Tree Description:

A pine tree up to 50 feet tall with a trunk to 2 feet in diameter that develops without a central leader (decurrent growth form) into an open, spreading shade tree and a smooth, rounded crown silhouette.

Range/Site Description:

Planted in urban landscapes in Central, South, and West Texas. Prefers good drainage, but tolerant of drought, salt, and slightly alkaline soils.


Dull, light green needles in bundles of 2, 5" to 8" long, spiraled around the twigs.


Male conelets are yellow-orange, up to 0.75" long; female conelets brown, inconspicuous, up to 1" long.


The medium brown, glossy cones, 3" to 5" long and almost as wide when open, take three years to mature. The seeds or "pine nuts" at the base of each scale are edible.


Gray-brown, rough texture, and fissured.


Pine nuts - or pignolia - are a traditional ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. Seedlings are often sold as "tabletop" Christmas trees.

Similar Species:

Afghan pine (Pinus eldarica) has shorter needles and a conical (or excurrent) growth form.

Interesting Facts:

Mature form gives the name "umbrella pine."

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