Koelreuteria paniculata

Secondary Names:
golden raintree

Leaf Type: Deciduous
Texas Native:
Tree Description:

A small to medium-sized landscape tree with a round crown, to 40 feet tall and a trunk 12" to 16" in diameter.

Range/Site Description:

Native to Korea, China, and Japan, it performs best on well-drained soil, but will tolerate a wide range of urban conditions including heat, drought, and poor soils.


Compound, alternating on the twigs, with 11 or more stalked leaflets, each 1" to 3" long, bluntly-toothed or lobed along the margin and abruptly wedge-shaped at the base. Leaves are medium to dark green in summer, turning brilliant gold in the fall. Branches, leaves and twigs without thorns.


Long spikes of bright yellow flowers, up to 12" long, appear above the foliage May through July.


The light green seed pods are 1" to 2" long, papery, look like "Chinese lanterns" in late summer, then turn brown and persist through fall.


Light brown or tan, thin, easily damaged, developing fissures and thin plates on older trunks.


Sold in the nursery trade as a landscape tree.

Similar Species:

Chinese flametree (Koelreuteria bipinnata) has double-compound leaves and can be found along the Texas coast.

Interesting Facts:

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